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RE: 300 MY old Cockroach Fossil Found

On Wed, 7 Nov 2001 15:59:29   
 Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
>Here is the url for the GSA abstract.  Note that the giant roach is NOT
>_Arthropleura_ (which is a millipede), but is presumably the new genus &
>species of insect.

Ah, thanks for clarifying.  I was going to question the whole Arthropleura 
thing, too.  Arthropleura was big-really big-but a little too morphologically 
different to call a cockroach.

It is nice to see that some Pennsylvanian work is getting some press, even 
though it appears as if Reuters or whatever screwed part of it up.  The 7-11 
mine has been producing some very nice specimens, and I'm happy to see Cary 
Easterday is publishing some of his work.  This is a very, very important 
Lower-Middle Pennsylvanian site that preserves a whole bunch of insects.  along 
with other interesting stuff.  It's also gratifying to see that Mr. Easterday 
is using the fossils to interpret changing-environment hypotheses, the same 
exact thing I am doing in relation to Upper Pennsylvanian sites here in 
Illinois.  No mega bugs here yet, but a steady supply of really interesting 


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