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A New Cladistics-Oriented Kids Book!

Apologies if this is sent more than once.  Lycos is changing its format, and is 
frequently messing things up.

Waiting on my doorstep today was a review copy of a new kids book that 
introduces the concept of cladistics to second graders (at least that's the age 
recommendation on the front)!  I see that Dr. Holtz (and Dr. Michael 
Brett-Surman) were consultants on this book, titled Dinosaurs Alive: The 
Dinosaur Bird Connection.  It's one of those great Step Into Reading volumes 
that I loved as a kid (I only wish there was one on cladistics way back then).  
Mike Skrepnick has illustrated the book with some really, really nice pictures 
of Archaeopteryx, Hesperornis, Sinornithosaurus, and even Nomingia!

Kudos to Drs. Holtz and Brett-Surman and Mike Skrepnick for this really nice 
looking volume.  I'm sure kids today are better off for having it!  

And, while I'm at it, kudos to all list-members who contributed to the Armored 
Dinosaurs.  Although I've only read part of it, I was very impressed with Tracy 
Ford's paper on the Carlsbad ankylosaur.  There is also a really, really good 
paper on ankylosaurid cranial ornamentation.  A much-overdue study, to say the 


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