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>BTW: must mention the fact that I got to see my first live 
>_Cryptoprocta_ (fossa/fosa - pronounced 'foosh' according to some) at 
>Marwell Zoo last week. To my amazement, they had four of the things. 
>Like seeing a live thylacine.

I was lying in a corrugated iron shack near Antsalova in Madagascar two years 
ago when, with an almighty thud, a fossa landed on the roof. I guess it was 
after the rats that constantly scrabbled round in the roof-space. Alas, it 
scarpered before we could get a torch on it. No positive ID, therefore, but 
lemurs aren't THAT big, and they don't make panicky, scratchy noises with their 
claws when decamping from an iron roof, either.

That's my story, anyway.