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In a message dated Thu, 8 Nov 2001  9:30:24 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
darren.naish@port.ac.uk writes:

> BTW: must mention the fact that I got to see my first live 
> _Cryptoprocta_ (fossa/fosa - pronounced 'foosh' according to some) at 
> Marwell Zoo last week. To my amazement, they had four of the things. 
> Like seeing a live thylacine.

Cool!  What is the current opinion on the relationships of the Madagascan 
carnivores?  Since the wide acceptance of the Herpestidae/Viverridae split, 
I've been assuming the Madagascans are retained in Viverridae, but I don't 
really know.  Interesting bunch.

--Nick P.