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Re: Why all the fuss? (flame-free)

I wrote...

> This may also be a reason why he doesn't mention many of the
> cautionary recommendations of the PhyloCode.

Or maybe the reason is that he cites a URL for the PhyloCode that it no
longer has, so maybe much of the PhyloCode was updated after he wrote his

> I am surprised, however, that
> the companion volume which will be published a while before
> it is planned, and will contain lots of proposed definitions for final
> discussion [...]

OK, erm... too long a sentence too late at night.

1. I'm surprised he doesn't mention the companion volume (which may,
however, be a later idea, see above).
2. I wrote that said volume is planned to be published before the
implementation of the PhyloCode. Wrong, see below. But apparently the
definitive version of the PhyloCode will be published before that.
3. http://www.ohiou.edu/phylocode/preface.html says:
"The starting date of the PhyloCode has not yet been determined and is cited
as 1 January 200n in the draft code. Names that were provided with published
phylogenetic definitions before that date are not considered to be
established under the PhyloCode. The starting date will be scheduled to
coincide with the publication of a companion volume that will provide
phylogenetic definitions for many widely used clade names. This volume will
also provide an opportunity for the authors of names that were given
phylogenetic definitions before the starting date to republish them in
accordance with the PhyloCode and thereby establish their nomenclatural
precedence. The delayed starting date will provide the time needed to
prepare the companion volume and establish a registration system. It will
also permit sufficient time for experimentation with the PhyloCode with no
permanent nomenclatural consequences. Some changes in the code will no doubt
result. It is hoped that many people will avail themselves of this
opportunity to explore the ramifications of phylogenetic nomenclature in the
taxa with which they are familiar."

I hope this ends the confusion I have produced...