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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #176

Question to the authors -- may I forward the following to the PhyloCode
mailing list, with some explanations?

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Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 8:05 AM

> >As I perused the dissertation, I got to thinking about whether or not
> such dissertation names should be considered as published. The
> International Code of Zoological Nomenclature expressly excludes
> dissertations from their definition of a publication, so there is no
> question that the above taxa, despite their documentation in the
> dissertation and its subsequent distribution, are not available as
> scientific names.
> This is a purely anglosaxon idea. At least in Europe dissertations have
> always been properly published and counted as peer-reviewed
> publications. As a matter of fact in most european countries no
> publication you ever write is likely to be as carefully reviewed as your
> dissertation.
> There is any number of scientific name in use that were originally
> published in dissertations.

Interestingly the current draft of the PhyloCode is even stricter than the
current version of the ICZN; Chure's dissertation would be considered
unpublished for several reasons! From

4.2. Publication [...] is defined as distribution of text [...] in a
peer-reviewed book or periodical. To qualify as published, works must
consist of numerous (at least 100 copies), [...] distributed in a way that
makes the work generally accessible as a permanent public record to the
scientific community, [...]

Note 4.2.1. Approval of a work by a thesis or dissertation committee does
not constitute peer review.

4.3. The following do not qualify as publication: (a) dissemination of text
or images solely through electronic communication networks (such as the
Internet) or through storage media (such as CDs, diskettes, film, microfilm
and microfiche) that require a special device to read; (b) theses and
dissertations; [...]