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Re: Details on SVP 2001Friday Talks 2 and Saturday Talks

Tumarkin, Chinsamy and Dodson, 2001. Trauma in birds: Is it reflected as interruptions in osteogenesis? JVP 21(3) 109A.
Neornithines don't have lines of arrested growth (LAGs) in their bone cross sections, indicating they grow continuously.
Dinornis and Gastornis sometimes have a few, according to the biggest of the 3 Nature papers on dinosaur growth (can't find the ref at the moment).
[...] The confusion is with Patagopteryx, which has one LAG in the cross section that's been taken.  This is odd and has been suggested to be due to a pathology, such as trauma or nutritional deprivation.  To solve the problem, the most time-consuming and complex method was chosen.  Take a cross section of another Patagopteryx individual you say?
How many specimens do we have?
Wharton, 2001. The evolution of the avian brain. JVP 21(3) 113A.
[...] Bambiraptor, Archaeopteryx and pygostylians have reduced optic lobes, unlike Troodon, Tyrannosaurus and Allosaurus.  This supports troodontids being outside the Eumaniraptora.
Sounds promising, but -- reduced optic lobes? :-o Not maybe olfactory ones?
              | `-Shamosaurus
Tsagantegia in Shamosaurinae? Interesting.
8. Thou shalt treat thy equipment as thou wishest thy equipment to treat thee. When it hath not slept at night, thy  B E C K M A N  S P E C T R O P H O T O M E T E R  behaveth not at its best. When thy Spinco  H E A D  hath flown off its spindle for want of balance, the consequences thereof  N O  M A N  C A N  F O R E T E L L.