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Re: Details on SVP 2001Friday Talks 2 and Saturday Talks

I just wrote...
Tumarkin, Chinsamy and Dodson, 2001. Trauma in birds: Is it reflected as interruptions in osteogenesis? JVP 21(3) 109A.
Neornithines don't have lines of arrested growth (LAGs) in their bone cross sections, indicating they grow continuously.
Dinornis and Gastornis sometimes have a few, [...] (can't find the ref at the moment).
Sure I can.
Kevin Padian, Armand J. de Ricqlès & John R. Horner: Dinosaurian growth rates and bird origins, Nature 412, 405 -- 408 (26 July 2000)
While I am at it, the measurements I gave for Repenomamus and Gobiconodon sp. nov. are _utter nonsense_, based on the wrong scale. The former's high and robust lower jaw is actually shown in real size and 8.2 cm long from the tip of the broken symphysis to the tip of the angular process, 1.7 cm high just behind the last molar and 3.2 cm high at the highest preserved place (from the broken coronoid process downwards). That of G. sp. nov. is only about 3.8 cm long. The quite short-snouted complete skull of R. is about 11.4 cm long. If it had the same proportions as the much smaller Jeholodens (which isn't too probable) it was about 70 cm long without and about 140 cm long with tail -- this is almost incredible, not even small for a dog. Anyway, based on the lower jaw alone R. can IMHO easily have opened even megaloolithid eggs, and Microraptor fled it.
9. Thou shalt interpret thy results with  C A U T I O N.  When thou usest isotopes, thou shalt remember that "not everything that counteth counteth". When thou usest enzymes, thou shalt remember that "thou shalt not waste clean thinking upon dirty enzymes". When thou usest a spectrophotometer, thou shalt remember that "a difference existeth between a  L I V E R  cell and a  B E C K M A N  cell".