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Re: The Book Onslaught Continues

On Sat, 10 Nov 2001 07:03:02  
 Morgan Churchill wrote:
>Any idea what the run down on the fossil species illustrated is?  I am 
>guessing Santanachelys will be in it, having seen that on HP Benson's site, 
>but what others?  

Yep, Santanachelys, plus there are nice illustrations of Proganochelys (Varner, 
I think), the pareiasaur Scutosaurus, the procolophonid Procolophon (a skeletal 
diagram), the placodont Placodus, the placodont Placochelys, the placodont 
Henodus, Calcarichelys (along with a Clidastes, drawn by Varner), Meiolania, 
and Archelon.  I think those are all of them.  It's a very, very nice book.  
There are hundreds of vivid photos of living turtles that are among the best I 
have seen.


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