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Call for Papers: The Mosasaur, Vol. 7

    The Delaware Valley Paleontological Society is planning a late 2002 publication date for the DVPS scholarly journal The Mosasaur, Vol. 7.
    In anticipation of this new issue, we are requesting submission of papers by professional and amateur paleontologists.  Papers in The Mosasaur should contribute to paleontological knowledge and be of interest to a broad audience.
    We ask that those interested in submitting a paper(s) contact the editors by December 15, 2001, stating their interest and providing the subject of their submission.
    The deadline for submission of manuscripts will be March 29, 2002.  As always, the editors are eager to assist potential authors who may not have experience in preparing scientific papers.  Authors submitting manuscripts should send three double-spaced typewritten copies including copies of their illustrations.  See recent copies of The Mosasaur for guidance on style.  (If you want to order your own copies contact our webpage at www.DVPS.org . )  We anticipate publication of Volume 7 in November/September of 2002.
    Co-editors of The Mosasaur are Ned Gilmore ( egilmore@acnatsci.org) and Ted Daeschler (daeschler@acnatsci.org) .  Their mailing address is: Vertebrate Zoology,  The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103.
Thank you,
    Patti Kane-Vanni
    Vice-President, Delaware Valley Paleontological Society
Patricia Kane-Vanni, Esq.
pkv1@erols.com  or  pkvanni@sas.upenn.edu