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Gondwanatitan (was: Some Tiatanosaur skulls!!!!)

Hi dino-listers,

I've sketched the head  based on this skul, but I don't finished it yet,
since the skul seems doubtful (and what a bad image!).
A google.com websearch (sorry, I didn't note the URL) gives you some pages
in Portugese, and one of them displays a (liiiiiiittle!!) photo of this
skul, some cervicals, and a laying partial skel.

Anyone who wanna see the sketch ask off-list, but I doubt it's worth

Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.

From: "Garrison Hilliard" <garrison@efn.org>
> On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Chris Collinson wrote:
> > Gondwanatitan, this one looks a little questionalble, (snip)
> > http://br.geocities.com/avph0/gondwanatitan.htm
> Gondwanatitan
> This magnificent animal was legitimate saurspode Brazilian. (snip)
> Data of the Dinossauro:
> Name: Gondwanatitan, the " Titc " of Gondwana
> Scientific Name: Gondwanatitan faustoi
> Time where It lived: Cretaceo, for rollback of 80 million years behind
> Weight: About 10 tons
> Size: 2 meters of height and 8 of size
> Feed: Herbmvora