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Re: The Book Onslaught Continues

Steve Brusatte wrote yesterday (AOL is holding out on me again):

<< Yep, Santanachelys, plus there are nice illustrations of Proganochelys 
(Varner, I think), the pareiasaur Scutosaurus, the procolophonid Procolophon 
(a skeletal diagram), the placodont Placodus, the placodont Placochelys, the 
placodont Henodus, Calcarichelys (along with a Clidastes, drawn by Varner), 
Meiolania, and Archelon. >>

       I plead guilty on the Placodus and the Calcarichelys (two old 
chestnuts), but not Proganochelys. This project shows that it's wise for the 
artist to "do" some of the offbeat creatures now and then. There are scads of 
tyrannosaur illustrations available, but how many Calcarichelys? DV