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Re: fossils in Texas?

On Sun, 11 Nov 2001 12:03:53  
 Afmayor wrote:
>Can anyone advise what sort of fossil bone deposits are  found in the 
>vicinity of Abilene, Texas?  
>Fossilized bone powder has been found in some paleo-Indian sites there, and 
>I'd like to identify the possibile types of fossils the residents may have 

Well, I believe Abilene is located in an area where Permian rocks outcrop 
frequently, along with a few isolated Late Cretaceous outcrops.  I would say 
that your best chance would be something Permian.  There are a lot of Permian 
amphibians and reptiles known from Texas, including some cotylosaurs and 
pelycosaurs.  If, however, these bones had a dinosaurian origin, then it could 
be any number of things (sauropods, ornithopods, ankylosaurs, or possible 
theropods).  Although I don't know of any references off the top of my head, 
I'm sure there are many, many papers out there on the Abilene area.  If not, I 
would think that any good summary of the Permian Red Beds would suffice.


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