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Call for artists

I have just contracted to write a series of 32-page full-color children's 
educational dinosaur books, and we are looking for dinosaur art with which to 
illustrate them. The series will comprise six books, each spotlighting a 
different kind of dinosaur. Specifically, the dinosaurs will be

[1] Tyrannosaurus (naturally)
[2] Iguanodon
[3] Triceratops
[4] Velociraptor
[5] Stegosaurus
[6] Diplodocus

We need exciting, reasonably accurate and anatomically correct artwork that 
depicts the above very well known animals doing things: hunting, eating, 
sleeping, herding, fighting, mating, preening, and so forth. We can also use 
similar artwork depicting dinosaurs that are more or less closely related to 
the title dinosaurs, because part of each text will be devoted to the 
relationships of the title dinosaurs. Each book will feature dinosaur art by 
many different artists in many different styles. We may be able to use 
anatomical art; let us know what you have available.

Art should be full-color, in square or vertically rectangular format. No 
double-page spreads are planned: one or two pictures (usually one) will 
appear per page. We do not seek to commission new artwork. Rather, we seek 
second rights to illustrations that may (or may not) already have been 
published elsewhere. It takes a lot of art to fill six 32-page books, so we 
would like to see lots of works, anything and everything you've got that fits 
the above specs. We expect to use about 150 illustrations after the smoke 

If you have dinosaur art you can sell second rights to, as per the above 
specs, or if you know of an artist who might, please contact Howard Zimmerman 
at Byron Preiss Visual Publications at your earliest convenience by email at


He will provide further details on the project and what we need once you have 
contacted him. Right now we don't know who will contribute artwork, but we do 
expect pieces from big-name dinosaur artists, so up-and-coming dinosaur 
artists will find their work in good company. We also need to find cover art 
for the books as quickly as possible, so mention art you'd like considered 
for the covers to Howard. Howard will forward interesting artwork to me, so 
it will pass through at least a two-person selection sieve before acceptance.

If you have questions, contact me off list by email, of course.