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Re: Oviraptorosauria diagrams

> If someone can find out how to access the text which
> the Barsbold figures accompany, let me know.

This is simply

Rinchen Barsbold, Philip J. Currie, Nathan P. Myhrvold, Halszka Osmólska,
Khishigjaw* Tsogtbaatar, Mahito Watabe: A pygostyle from a non-avian
theropod, Nature 403, 155f. (13 January 2000)

* Possible solution for the mystery w, which is supposed not to exist in
Mongolian: I've somewhere seen him spelled Khishigjavyin, which looks a lot
more plausible because that ending is common in Mongolian. Maybe someone
confused someone else's handwriting... who knows.

Be aware that this paper (just a page + 3 more refs) was written before
*Nomingia* was named, so it may not reveal anything new compared to the
description in Acta Pal. Pol.