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Re: Normannognathus

Did they ever decide if Normannognathus was just an immature pterosaur, or if there really were adult pterosaurs that small? Is there any way to know for sure with such skimpy fossil material?
Anyway, I can't think of any reason that they might not have briefly encountered an Archaeopteryx on rare occasion. Just wonder if such an encounter would be one of indifference, curiosity, or antagonism.
Patrick Norton wrote:
Can anyone point me to a life restoration of the pterosaur _Normannognathus wellnhoferi_ (Buffetaut 1998)? I'm considering a sculpture showing this critter and Archaeopteryx interacting, so I would also be interested in how likely (or unlikely) folks think be it might be that these two taxa (both from the Kimmeridgian of Europe) actually encountered one another on occassion.


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