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RE: _Karongasaurus_?



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Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Karongasaurus is a misprint, and is actually suppose to be Karongasuchus, a crocodile illustrated in the picture.  Malawisaurus  (sp?) is the sauropod in the picture <<


Well, since you asked…you are wrong : ) Malawisuchus is the crocodile I wonder if the name Karongasaurus was the first name for Malawisaurus? It was found in the Karonga district, which might be were the name came from. I suppose the people to ask is either Carr or Jacobs.

Genus: Malawisuchus GOMANI, 1997

Etymology: In reference to the country of Malawi, and Greek, suchos, “crocodile”: Malawi crocodile.


Species: mwaksyungutiensis GOMANI, 1997

Etymology: In reference to the area of Mwakasyunguti where the species was found in northern Malawi.


Holotype: Mal-45


Locality: Koum Basin of Cameroon, Dinosaur beds, Mwakasyunguti, Karonga District, Northern Malawi, Africa.