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Re: _Karongasaurus_?

    In July 1990, not far from Karonga, Dr. Louis Jacobs' group uncovered a sauropod scull and other bones.  Sauropod sculls are quite rare, and Jacobs was delighted, pointing out that the scull and post-cranial material of this animal were of quite small size, without getting very specific (in the book QUEST FOR THE AFRICAN DINOSAURS, Vanguard Books, 1993,
ISBN 0-679-41270-0).  He commented not only that the scull was small but, in an odd way, that it seemed somehow rather cute -- a reaction one often has to young animals.  I got the impression he thought the sauropod to be a juvenile.
    So, I'd bet this is the sauropod represented in Karen Carr's painting.  Note that what is shown on her web site is not the whole painting, but a detail.  Note, also, that Dr. Jacobs appears to be a co-owner of the painting, along with Dr. Elizabeth Gomani.
    O.K., this doesn't tell us if the sauropod has been described in publication, but it's my two bits worth.
Ray Stanford
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Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Karongasaurus is a misprint, and is actually suppose to be Karongasuchus, a crocodile illustrated in the picture.  Malawisaurus  (sp?) is the sauropod in the picture 

Jordan Mallon <j_mallon@hotmail.com> wrote:

>From: "Ray Stanford"

>Actually, since Karen Carr used the name "Karongasaurus" on her web
>site, I doubt there's any problem of de facto embargoed information. >She
>has worked pretty closely with Dr. Louis Jacob, and I doubt she >would
>betray his confidence.

This is true. I just find it odd that the name is not turning up
>anywhere<. I mean, it's not even listed on Dinogeorge's website! :)
At any rate, all this fuss has just gotten me hungry to find out more. If
anyone out there can provide a ref for this mysterious animal, I would be
very greatful.

-Jordan Mallon


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