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Brian Franczak

I too, am familiar with both Brian Franczak and Michael Skrepnick and for a
good part of my life have labored under the assumption that I actually AM
one of them.  Could it be that I am the victim of some sordid cosmic scheme?
An unfortunate pawn, drawn into someone's  manipulative, cold, calculating
plot intent on upsetting the delicate balance and grand design of the
greater paleo art collective?  Do any of us REALLY know WHO WE ARE??. . .
After carefully examining my driver's license, the signatures on several
pieces of artwork scattered around my house and calling myself on speed dial
to see who would answer, I can with some confidence and authority confirm
that I am MYSELF. . . although, once in a while, . . late at night . . .
I've noticed an "urge". . . . to quickly paint several different dinosaur
images one atop the other, ON THE SAME CANVAS ! ! ! . .sshhhh!!!. . . WHAT'S
HAPPENING TO ME! ! ! ! . . . .

Michael Fran..NO! NO!.. Skrepnick   That's me.  Isn't it... (sssshhh!!!!
brian...get out of my head!.. right now...)  ( I mean it!...)
P.S. One of us IS putting up a new website in the near future!
P.P.S.  I'd just like to say in conclusion that I personally enjoyed all the
wonderful DINOSAUR talks at this year's SVP meeting.  The preceding
statement is included simply as a vain attempt to include "content" germaine
to DML topic guidelines, as I once again walk the perilous tightrope that
threatens to snap, catapulting me unmercifully into the jaws of "timed out"
Will he return?... and if he does, will he reappear as himself?. . . or as
someone else. . .  :O}