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I've got a few questions:

1) Does anybody know the names of the other crocodile species recently described with Sarcosuchus (mean-looking!). I've been searching like mad, but all I can find is Sarcosuchus, Sarcosuchus... and more Sarcosuchus. I'm asking this because I really like the painting of Luis Rey of the Suchomimus being grabbed by a huge croc, and since the jaw morphology of Sarcosuchus does not match that of the croc in the painting (looks a bit more like Crocodylus), I'm trying to find another species by which to call it.

2) About the pachycephalosaur referred to as "Sandy", what is its exact taxonomic status? Is it Stygimoloch, or is it Pachycephalosaurus? I originally thought it was Stygimoloch, (and Luis Rey's painting & Pachycephalosauria Home Page seem to state so) However, refers to it as Pachycephalosaurus!

3) Anybody got any idea what species the new giant caenagnathid is? Luis Rey refers to it as Chirostenotes. (Mike Triebold's page has some really great photos!!)

4) I remember that Jack Horner excavated 3 species of Centrosaurine in the Two Medicine Formation many years back. One was Einiosaurus, one was Achelousaurus, but what is the third species?? It's got a nasal horn like Styracosaurus but it has a frill more like Einiosaurus. I tentatively refer to it as 'Monoclonius sp.' Any news on its description? It's been a vrey long wait because it was discovered some years back and furthermore, an entire bonebed of it was found. If Achelousaurus and (one of my fave Ceratopsids :) Einiosaurus can be named so quickly, what about this other one? (For more info look up Digging Dinosaurs by Jack Horner)

5) Similarly, in Jack Horner's book there is some mention of a tyrannosaur somewhat intermediate between Daspletosaurus & Tyrannosaurus. What is it? Or what about the supposed 2nd species of Daspletosaurus?

6) Still on Tyrannosaurs, are Shanshanosaurus & Stygivenator still valid taxa or are they generally considered juvenile Tyrannosaurus?

7) Is Megaraptor's phylogenetic position settled yet? And what about that giant carnosaur that was larger than Giganotosaurus?

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