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Re: Questions

>I've got a few questions:
>1) Does anybody know the names of the other crocodile species recently
>described with Sarcosuchus (mean-looking!). I've been searching like mad,
>but all I can find is Sarcosuchus, Sarcosuchus... and more Sarcosuchus. I'm
>asking this because I really like the painting of Luis Rey of the Suchomimus
>being grabbed by a huge croc, and since the jaw morphology of Sarcosuchus
>does not match that of the croc in the painting (looks a bit more like
>Crocodylus), I'm trying to find another species by which to call it.

Not all of them are described, but Hans Larsson recently described
Stolokrosuchus, I think from the same locality.  Y'all will have to wait
for the paper for the rest, I suspect.


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