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Dinosaur Textbooks

        Sorry to intrupt with a rather mundane question, but I 
just got appointed to teach an undergraduate course in Dinosaurs
next semester and I am looking for some pointers on textbooks. 
I am actually a geochemist and most of my paleo training has been in
invertibrate. My vertibrate knowledge is woefully out of date.  

        I am already committed to using Lucas -  Dinosaurs: the
textbook, but I know that there are some problems with it.  Forwaring
about mistakes or strange things in the book would be apprechiated.  

        I was wondering what other textbooks or technical books
would be worth aquiring to help keep me on track and what other 
resources you would advise. 

/  Elisa Bergslien
*  Department of Geology           Fractured Rock Research Group
*  University of Buffalo             - Multiphase Flow Investigations
*  (716) 645 - 6800 ext. 6100