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RE: Khaan's paleoecology & artist inaccuracy (long)



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<< Wouldn't it seem more appropriate, however, especially with it being at the AMNH, if the Oviraptor guarding the nest had some feathers (at least on the arms), but maybe this painting was done before discoveries suggesting such? >>

      It was probably painted before.

   << One thing is certain, though.  If Dan is right and what is depicted is a full moon, it could not, in reality, appear in that sky.  Why not?  Note that the angle made by the shadow of the Oviraptor's left wrist when joined to the animal's left wrist.  This tells us the sun is very approximately 30 (or more) degrees above the horizon.  Thus, a moon in that sky position should not be full.  I enlarged the image to see if the moon is really full, and although the resolution makes it difficult to tell, there may be a slight shadow on the left side of the moon.  Yet, if what I may be seeing there is in fact a darkened sliver of the moon, the shadow still would not be sufficient and at the correct angle to have been produced by the sun location as implied by the Oviraptor's shadow.>>

      I believe you are picking nits here, Ray. The shadow of the wrist may not be painted to perfection, but it is being cast on an upslope. The animals are all depicted as fully illuminated unless they are in the shadow of a dune. The angle of the sun is way less than 30 degrees in the rest of the picture. Also, you have to consider that this is a wide-angle panorama. I have painted numerous moonrises and this looks great to me. Since the moon is already up, the time is a day or two before the absolute full moon.

One thing to take into account is that the diagram is a fairly large diagram and it doesn’t mean that at the front end of the diagram is the same day as the end of the diagram. Could be changing of the day?

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