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Re: _Karongasaurus_?

    David Marjanovic states and asks, "In the book Quest for the African
Dinosaurs Jacobs mentions a diplodociform
found with the then-unofficial *Malawisaurus*. Could that be

    Sounds like a pretty good bet to me, but to be sure, I just put a call
in to Louis Jacobs, who, as I suspected, is away at a conference.  When he
gets back, I should get some insight into this Karongasaurus matter and will
let the list know what is learned, if it can be told.  Of course, it might
be "W4tP", to quote Mike Taylor.  Or maybe Jacobs is presenting it at the
conference?  -- Just kidding.  :-?

    Stay tuned,
    Ray Stanford

"You know my method.  It is founded upon the observance of trifles." --
Sherlock Holmes in The Boscombe Valley Mystery