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Re: First feathered dinosaur image

I dug in my files and came up with a xerox of a drawing of coelurus with a 
complete covering of feathers rendered as modern contour-feather like 
objects. Sadly, the page come loose from whatever other pages I had that 
identified the book and date. I recall the section of the University of 
Washington library where I found the book while looking for other things. I 
believe it was a translation of a German textbook on evolution, though the 
exact date of publication has slipped my mind. Vaguely, I recall being 
impressed that it was really old, like 1960s or 1950s, but I'm not sure. In 
fact, I suppose 1976 would have seemed old.
   Maybe someone else's memory will be jogged by this note, and they can 
identify the book and date. Otherwise, I would have to go scour the UW's 
stacks, with only a vague notion where to look.
-Tom Hopp