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Re: A sad day in Paleontology

In a message dated 11/17/01 3:44:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, dino.hunter@home.com writes:

<< It is indeed a sad day in Paleontology with the passing of one of the grandfathers of modern paleontology, Ned Colbert.>>

      Anyone who loves dinosaurs is deeply indebted to Dr. Colbert. At the American Museum of Natural History he kept the flame burning. Wherever there were books he educated children, their parents and their grandparents about a marvelous, almost mythical age of wonderful beings that never ceases to delight and inform. He also greatly influenced the course of a life of a 12 year-old boy in Minneapolis many many years ago. It's amazing to think he labored for Osborn and worked with W.D. Matthew, Barnum Brown and Charles Knight. His was a long wonderful life that should be celebrated. He was a great American scientist and a quintessential Dinosaur Man. DV