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RE: Rigby rex

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>      Wow...good fishin' tonight! I found a little
> website with pics of some of the "Rigby rex" material.
> They show the maxilla in medial view and the tibia and
> fibula in anterior view (still in matrix). I'm not
> sure what that jumble of bones is in the other pic. A
> mangled skull roof? For those of us who have
> forgotten, the Rigby rex is supposed to be the largest
> (apparently bigger than Horner's "Celeste") found,
> with pubes measuring 52", compared with Sue's teeny
> 48"-ers.
> www.garfieldweb.com/fortpeck/openhouse.htm

Let me also remind everyone that we don't know exactly WHICH linear
measurement was taking for any of these individuals (and furthermore, the
Sue material was unavailable for measurement during the "Rigby Rex" affair).

All this talk of "largest rex" specimens is pure speculation until such time
as we can actually see the line of measurement taken and the data from the

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