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New book

I just bought a new dino book with lots of John Sibbick art. Many that I don’t remember seeing before.


Burnie, D., 2001, The Kingfisher Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia: Kingfisher, 223pp.


You wouldn’t know it by the cover (a crappy Allosaurus sculpture) but it’s 90 % John’s works. 10% is crappy illustrated material. You’d think that the art director could tell the difference from the great work by John and the lousy incorrect work of the other run of the mill, crank it out, artists.


There’s a nice late Triassic scene with Coeophysis (only 5) and a prosauropod, a really nice Arambourgiana (kind of reminds me of Zalanger) and a Pristichampus catching a Hyracotherium (I would have made the Pristichampus more terrestrial; i.e. lighter armored and without the webbed toes) but it’s really nice.


Unfortunately has Dave Peters website address at the back of the book. If only Dave had kept it up…


Tracy L. Ford

P. O. Box 1171

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