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Books by Colbert


Here is a list of books that Ned Colbert wrote. I’m sure I’ve missed some but these are all the ones that I own.


Colbert, Edwin H. 1951. The Dinosaur Book. McGraw Hill: 156pp.


Colbert, Edwin H., 1959. Dinosaurs. The American Museum of Natural History, Seventh Edition: 32pp.


Colbert, Edwin H., 1961. Dinosaurs. Their discovery den their world. Dutton, New York: xiv + 300pp.


Colbert, Edwin H., 1961. The Dinosaur World. Stravon Educational Press: 64pp.


Colbert, Edwin, H. 1965. The Age of Reptiles. W. W.-Norton & Company, Inc: 228pp.


Colbert, Edwin H. 1966. The Age of Reptiles. W. W-Norton & Company, Inc: 228pp.


Colbert, Edwin, H. 1967, sixth printing. Dinosaurs, their Discovery and their World. E. P. Dutton & Co. New York: 300pp.


Colbert, Edwin, H. 1968. Men and Dinosaurs, The Search in Field and Laboratory. The Great Dinosaur Hunters and Their Discovery of the World of the Prehistoric Reptiles. E. P. Dutton & Co, New York: 283pp.


Colbert, Edwin H., 1969. Evolution of the Vertebrates. A History of the Backboned Animals Through Time, Second Edition. John Wiley and Sons, Inc: 


Colbert, Edwin, H. 1973. Wandering Lands and Animals. The epic story of the drifting continents and the spread of their animals through the ages. E. P. Dutton & Co. New York: 323pp.


Colbert, E. H., 1977, The year of the Dinosaur: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 171pp.


Colbert, Edwin, H. 1980. A Fossil-Hunter’s notebook. E. P. Dutton: 242pp.


Colbert, Edwin H., 1983. Dinosaurs of the Colorado Plateau. The Museum of Northeastern Arizona Volume 54, Number 2, 3: 48pp.


Colbert, Edwin H., 1983. Dinosaur, An Illustrated History. A Dembner Book: 224pp.


Colbert, Edwin H., 1985. Wandering Lands and Animals. The Story of Continental Drift and Animal Populations. Dover Publications Inc:


Colbert, Edwin, H. 1986. Dinosaurs, an Illustrated History. Hammond Incorporated, Mapelwood, New Jersey, A Dembner Book, Second printing: 224pp.


Colbert, Edwin, H. 1989. Digging into the Past. An Autobiography. Dembner Books: 456pp.


Colbert, Edwin H., 1992. William Diller Matthew Palaeontologist, The Splendid Dram Observed. Columbia University Press: 275pp.


Colbert, Edwin H., 1995. The Little Dinosaurs of Ghost Ranch. Columbia University Press: 247pp.


Colbert, Edwin H., and Micheal Morales, 1991. Evolution of the Vertebrates. Wiley-Liss. A John Wiley and Sons, Inc, Publication: 470pp.


Colbert, Edwin H., Williams A. Burns. 1960. Digging for Dinosaurs. Childrens Press: 62pp.


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