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Fw: A sad day in Paleontology

    Thanks to Tom Holtz and each of the others (including Tracy Ford for
that list of Edwin H. Colbert's works) who have contributed in describing
Colbert in a perspective that nicely illustrates his influence and

    Please pardon my fantasy, but perhaps it was cosmic justice in the early
hours of Sunday, immediately following the day on which we learned of Ned's
passing, by which a show of celestial fireworks (the Leonid meteor storm of
2001) seemed to provide glowing affirmation of his ascent into the
paleontological pantheon.

    The cliffs above Ghost Ranch and the adjacent Coelophysis beds must have
been especially beautiful in the special light of that morning.

    Ray Stanford

"You know my method.  It is founded upon the observance of trifles." --
Sherlock Holmes in The Boscombe Valley Mystery

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"...Colbert kept dinosaur science alive during the "dark ages" of the middle
decades of the 20th Century.  During that time he was one of only a handful
of researchers anywhere in the world who took dinosaur paleontology
seriously.  (Similar to Kuiper's place in the history of planetary
astronomy, during almost exactly the same time).

"His academic influence is felt throughout the vertebrate paleontological
community.  There are today Ph.D. students who are Colbert's student's
student's student's students.  (Tracing backwards, the students of Larry
Witmer (a student of Dave Weishampel (a student of Peter Dodson (a student
of John Ostrom (a student of Ned Colbert))))).

"Colbert worked with many of the luminaries of the latest 19th and early
Century (Barbour, and especially H.F. Osborn).  His autobiography A
Fossil-Hunter's Notebook is great reading for people interested in the life
of this great guy."