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That's too bad about the adapid primate (Godinotia) being given chimp-like vocalization and behaviour.
I obviously haven't had a chance to see the show, but from the picture of Godinotia at the BBC site, it also *looks* too much like a chimp. If they made it a little more lemur-like, I think it might be more accurate and less like "Planet of the Apes".
As for the behavior, would adapids have spent much time on the ground (much less shaking small trees)? Will have to wait until I hear their vocalization to comment on that, but doesn't sound like I will be liking that much either. I will probably have the same reaction as Darren did----too apish. Maybe Godinotia will look better on wider shots (I assume that they at least gave them long tails).
That said, the other restorations look very good. The crimson and blue plumage on Gastornis makes it look even more like a "Jayhawk", and has me feeling a little homesick for KU (except that our jayhawk has more of a smile on its beak). :-)
---------Ken Kinman

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