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Re: Ingenia and Citipati, and a Note on the Nakasato Museum Website

I wrote:

<<The skeleton mounted of "Ingenia" at the dino-nakasato website is not 

Kazuo Takahashi (pantheon@kw.netlaputa.ne.jp) wrote:

<I don't think so, because Dr.Balsbold brang original specimens from Mongolia 
to Nakasato village.
I went to Nakasato museum 97/6/8.>

  These are based on old diagnoses. The *Conchoraptor* skeleton has not be 
fully analyzed, and I
feel that apart from this, Barsbold is not entirely correct. Observation of 
several features and
the fact that the skull _is_ the *Conchoraptor* type, indicate that this 
specimen is not
*Ingenia*. I stand by my identification.


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