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Hello to everyone (again)

I am back on the list after (counting...) 3 (?) years of absence.
Been very busy lately, finishing school, shooting around (army), and all of the less romantic aspects of turning 20.
I just updated my very personal dinosaur A-Z, and I'm once again reviewing oviraptorosauria.

my dinosaur homepage is a messy question.
the host has deleted my index page, and i lost the password, and then, finally, we unsubscribed to it, so it shall stand there untill time rips it apart - but I'll build another one soon enough.
I tried to send my artwork to Keesey's gallery 3 times, but each time geocities did what it could to prevent it - so when he reopens the submit-page, I'll send them from webphotos.

And I'm allso on the same old quest after Gregory Pauls great artwork (especially oils) so if anyone's got anything on their computer, please share them with me;)

Feels nice to be back


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