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PaleoPortfolio Book Reviews

Hello dinophiles,

I was recently asked to give my review of the newly released _Dinosaurs Alive!_ book, from Random House publishers, and have posted my review here for all to see:


On top of that, I also posted my review for the _Dinosaur Field Guide_, which I had been asked to review a few months earlier, although never got around to actually posting it at my own site.

And while you're at my site, I would appreciate it if anyone could give me their constructive criticisms or suggestions as to what they would like to see on my site in the future. I'm planning on re-vamping the place eventually, although I'm not overly sure of what people want to see.

And for those of you wondering why I haven't posted any art in so long, I've been very busy with university, and so haven't been able to produce as much as I wish I could. That said, I'll hopefully have some more time to draw over the Christmas break.

Take care,

-Jordan Mallon


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