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Re: about Ned and dino-gazette for kids

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 20:33:16  
 aspidel wrote:
>Dear dino-listers,
>Last sunday, I found on the market about 20 "old" (early '90s) french 
>dino-gazettes for kids; I paid 200 FB (about 4$) for all.
>There's some interesting stuff (a photo of a mounted partial 
>_Streptospondylus_ skel).
>There're also facts about paleontologists; among them, a short story about Ned 
>Colbert and the Ghost Ranch _Coelophysis_.

Yeah, the French have produced some very quality paleo materials.  When I was 
in France earlier this year I picked up a cool little science magazine (Science 
et Vie).  The issue was totally dedicated to paleontology, and included a load 
of information on all types of fossils, ranging from a bunch of Vendian stuff 
to Tertiary/Pleistocene specimens (like the famous Durfort and Montpellier 
specimens from France).  It was something like 160 pages long, and probably had 
over 300 photos...and it was only 2-3 American dollars.  If I only knew how to 
read French better...


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