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Re: about Ned and dino-gazette for kids

Up here in Quebec we get the same kind of science magazine (In French), but there is another kind that is in French as well that was also devoted entirely to paleontology (July, 2000), Its called "Pour La Science": La valse des espèces (Same as the Scientific American). This issue was only about 8$ canadian. And was only composed of only 137 pages, and 100+ ilustrations.

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Subject: Re: about Ned and dino-gazette for kids
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On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 20:33:16
aspidel wrote:
>Dear dino-listers,
>Last sunday, I found on the market about 20 "old" (early '90s) french dino-gazettes for kids; I paid 200 FB (about 4$) for all.
>There's some interesting stuff (a photo of a mounted partial _Streptospondylus_ skel).
>There're also facts about paleontologists; among them, a short story about Ned Colbert and the Ghost Ranch _Coelophysis_.

Yeah, the French have produced some very quality paleo materials. When I was in France earlier this year I picked up a cool little science magazine (Science et Vie). The issue was totally dedicated to paleontology, and included a load of information on all types of fossils, ranging from a bunch of Vendian stuff to Tertiary/Pleistocene specimens (like the famous Durfort and Montpellier specimens from France). It was something like 160 pages long, and probably had over 300 photos...and it was only 2-3 American dollars. If I only knew how to read French better...


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