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New Refs

Dear List-Members I want to point out that in the December 2001 issue of
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences there are some interesting papers about
1_ Currie P.J & Chen P. 2001 Anatomy of Sinosauropteryx prima from Liaoning,
northeastern China. Pages: 1705-1727.
The description showing that Sinosauropteryx has a number of characters that
were poorly known in the European closely related genera Compsognathus
longipes which is the longest tail known in any Theropoda the three finger
hand dominated by the digit I, that is the longest and thicker digit of the
2_ Currie P.J. & Dong Z. 2001 New information on Shanshanosaurus
huoyanshanensis, a juvenile tyrannosaurid (Theropoda, Dinosauria) from the
Late Cretaceous of China Pages: 1729-1737.
The authors redescribed the known material of Shanshanosaurus and reveal
that this taxon was not a members of the Aublysodontinae as suggested in the
recent years, but represent a juvenile stage _ possibly Tarbosaurus_ and
provides the best example available of ontogenetic changes in Tyrannosaurids
showing that young Tyrannosaurids has long, low skull, huge pubic boots and
well developed limb joints.
3_ Currie P.J. & Dong Z. 2001 New information on Cretaceous troodintids
(Dinosauria, Theropoda) from the People's Republic of China. Pages:
These work allow a better assessment of the phylogenetic position of
Troodontidae and established that Troodontidae have autapomorphies that
eliminates them from consideration as bird ancestors, nevertheless
Troodontidae are one of the closest avian out-groups within the Theropoda.
4_ Vickaryous M.K., Russell A.P., Currie P.J. & Zhao X.J 2001 A new
ankylosaurid (Dinosauria: Ankylosauria) from the Lower Cretaceous of China,
with comments on ankylosaurian relationships. Pages:1767-1780.
The authors described the new genus and species Gobisaurus domoculus known
from a nearly complete skeleton that closely resembles Shamosaurus scutatus
but distinguished by the unfused basipterygoid-pterygoid contact and
elongate premaxillary processes of the vomers. The phylogenetic analysis
placed Gobisaurus domoculus as the sister taxon to Shamosaurus scutatus.
5_ Brinkman D.B., Eberth D.A., Ryan M.J. & Chen P. 2001 The occurrence of
Psittacosaurus xinjiangensis Sereno and Chow, 1988 in the Urho area, Junggar
Basin, Xinjiang, People's Republic of China. Pages:1781-1786.
New material of Psittacosaurus xinjiangensis extends the geographical range
of this genera and reveals the adult morphology of this species.

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