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Info on Scandinavian finds?

I'm searching for dinosaur discoveries in scandinavian countries.

I've only seen Iceland, Denmark and Finland mentioned, but nothing more.
I know some ?Plateosaurus material are known from Sweden, and some teeth (?Plateosaurus)

There are Iguanodon footprints known from Spitzbergen, Norway, as well as "Megalosaurus sp" footprints, and there were rumors about fragments from Bergen.

I measured the Iguanodon footprints, and came up with an animal between 10 and 12 metres of lenght, it may be a large I. bernissartensis, but i could be wrong.

The theropod footprints could be anything within theropoda, ?4-?6 metres.
Both footprints were from the same layers, Late Cretaceous.

Anyone know anything more bout this?


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