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Re: Dinosaur subspecies names?

In a message dated 11/23/01 5:26:56 AM Pacific Standard Time, gorgosaur@hotmail.com writes:

The only skeletal difference i could go on with, had to be size, like in
_P.tigris tigris_ and _P.tigris altaica_, but there is no skeletal
difference in _C.corone corone_ and _C.corone cornix_

And, indeed, there is a long standing debate over whether _C. corone_ and _C. cornix_ may in fact be different *species*:

N. Saino & S. Villa,
Pair composition and reproductive success across a hybrid zone of Carrion Crows and Hooded Crows
The Auk 109, ? (1992): 543-555

I'd like to know how many species of _Dendroica_ (NAm warblers) would be differentiable based only on incompletely-preserved skeletons, or even whether _Dendroica_, _Oporornis_, _Parula_, and _Vermivora_ could be distinguished from each other.

--Nick P.