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Re: Dinosaur subspecies names?

Nick Harris writes:

>>The only skeletal difference i could go on with, had to be size, like in
>>_P.tigris tigris_ and _P.tigris altaica_, but there is no skeletal
>>difference in _C.corone corone_ and _C.corone cornix_
>And, indeed, there is a long standing debate over whether _C. corone_ and
_C. cornix_ may in fact be different *species*:
>N. Saino & S. Villa,
>Pair composition and reproductive success across a hybrid zone of Carrion
Crows and Hooded Crows
>The Auk 109, ? (1992): 543-555
>I'd like to know how many species of _Dendroica_ (NAm warblers) would be
differentiable based only on incompletely-preserved skeletons, or even
whether >_Dendroica_, _Oporornis_, _Parula_, and _Vermivora_ could be
distinguished from each other.

Whether C.c.corone and C.c.cornix are different species or not (which IMHO
they're not), they certainly wouldn't be differentiable as fossils. For
Dendroica et al, also read the old world warblers _Phylloscopus_,
_Locustella_, _Acrocephalus_, etc. To be honest I doubt if many modern
genera of birds could be differentiated by skeletal features alone, so I do
wonder about some of the claims being made for the fossil record.

Mike Wall
Hants, UK