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Pterosaur Help

Recently, I have been trying to compile a list of pterosaur species. I
really need help with Ornithocheirus! It is said that there have been 36
species of Ornithocheirus named, and so far, I have only found 15 and found
almost none of their describers and years of description. I would greatly
appreciate it if someone could help me with finding all attributed species,
describers, years of descriptions, and synonymized genera. I would also
appreciate some help with the following genera; Nyctosaurus, Pterodactylus,
Rhamphorhynchus, Germanodactylus, Scaphognathus, Cycnorhamphus, Dimorphodon,
and Campylognathoides. I have noticed that the more well-known pterosaurs
are the ones I have difficulty with compiling complete lists.

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