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Dinosaur Genera List Update #179

In a message dated 11/19/01 8:34:46 AM EST, mike@tecc.co.uk writes:

<< It just occurred to me that you might like to rethink the subject lines of 
these emails: in calling them "DGL corrections" you could be construed as 
implying that there was something wrong with the previous version -- which 
there wasn't, of course, it just didn't have the new information because it 
hadn't been published.  I wonder whether these messages might be better 
described as "DGL amendment" or "DGL update"? >>

Consider it done, Mike. From now on, they're Dinosaur Genera List Updates.

>From Alessandro Marisa, concerning the latest issue of Canadian Journal of 
Earth Sciences (December 2001), which contains no less than five papers on 
Asiatic dinosaurs:

Vickaryous M.K., Russell A.P., Currie P.J. & Zhao X.J 2001. "A new 
ankylosaurid (Dinosauria: Ankylosauria) from the Lower Cretaceous of China, 
with comments on ankylosaurian relationships," pp. 1767-1780.

The authors describe the new genus and species Gobisaurus domoculus known 
from a nearly complete skeleton that closely resembles Shamosaurus scutatus 
but distinguished by the unfused basipterygoid-pterygoid contact and elongate 
premaxillary processes of the vomers. The phylogenetic analysis placed 
Gobisaurus domoculus as the sister taxon to Shamosaurus scutatus.

This doesn't add a new name to the DGL but does change the status of 
Gobisaurus from nomen nudum to the following:

Gobisaurus Vickaryous, A. P. Russell, Currie & Zhao, 2001

This also changes the listing of Gobisaurus in the table of Asiatic dinosaurs 
in Mesozoic Meanderings #3 to the following:

Gobisaurus Vickaryous, A. P. Russell, Currie & Zhao, 2001
    = Gobisaurus Spinar, Currie & Sovak, 1994 [nomen nudum]
    G. domoculus Vickaryous, A. P. Russell, Currie & Zhao, 2001â
NOTE: This generic name first appeared in a children's dinosaur book in 1994.

I also made a few minor cosmetic changes to the DGL.

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