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Dinosaur remains from Ireland

>From EUROPAL, newsletter of EPA (European Palaeontological Association), n.
18, November 2001

 Several bones found by an amateur collector, Roger Byrne, in Lower
Jurassic mudstones on the coast of Northern Ireland have proven to be
dinosaurian in origin. The first, found more than 20 years ago, is the
proximal end of a small therapod [sic!] femur. More recently part of the
proximal shaft of another therapod [sic!] femur has been found at the same
site together with a small, flattened, pentagonal bone thought to be a
dermal scute from an ornithischian perhaps allied to Scelidosaurus. A paper
describing these, the first dinosaur remains found anywhere in Ireland, is
currently in preparation by Mark Simms (of the Ulster Museum) and Roger
Byrne. The specimen themselves are currently on display in the Ulster
Museum's Dinosaur Gallery, (Matthew PARKES, Dublin).

Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia
Correspondent EPA for Italy