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Re: Info on Scandinavian finds?

> There are Iguanodon footprints [...] I measured the Iguanodon footprints,
and came up with an animal between 10
> and 12 metres of lenght, it may be a large I. bernissartensis, but i could
> be wrong.

If it is indeed *Iguanodon*. I mean, there's little choice in EK Euramerica,
but you never know with footprints...
BTW, didn't *I. bernissartensis* stop at 9 m, or is this outdated?

I don't have a clue what dinosaur left those footprints, but I can only assume.
I only know that it has to be the most probably European Iguanodontid with the capability of growing to a lenght exceeding 10 metres.
Besides that, I'm clueless.


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