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the George Turner book

The "updated" George Turner book, put together, with some difficulty by my good friend Doug Turner, George's son, has most of the photographs "cleaned up" from the often poor negatives found in George's files following his death. Having spent nearly 15 years on my own book, Alfred Russel Wallace's KING KONG, it should be pointed out that Merian Cooper did not create the concepts: the original plot-line was a collaborative effort between Harry Hoyt and Willis O'Brien for their Creation. From the two scripts and the story-boards, and a long afternoon discussion with OBie and others on the RKO lot's animation "studio", Edgar Wallace fashioned two, slightly different script (ironically, the racism of Edgar Wallace, as well as the demonstrable antisemitism in both of his scripts, was shirked by later writers)  Virtually all of the Kong sequences were created by OBie; t! he! ! only thing Merian C. Cooper ever supplied to the creative process was the name for his "killer gorilla". James Ashmore Creelman did two further versions, and Ruth Rose still another two versions. Alas, George Turner perpetrated so many misconceptions and rumours as "fact" for his book that, even now, it is not historically useful for research on the film (Mr Turner's photographs came from Orville Goldner, in the main)...30 years after its publication, the book should have been totally abandoned. Cynthia Erb, like me, used the BYU Cooper archives (but so much is missing, sadly, as Cooper was not a good archivist), and her book provides some superficial overviews of the period during 1932 when production was underway. It should be pointed out that the trademark rights to the name "King Kong" were purchased in March 2001 by Omaha, Nebraska restaurant owner Nick Triantafillou through the efforts of his Omaha attorney Adam Jacobs (RKO/THE et al. never registered the trade! ma! ! rk name of Kong in restaurant usage).
I plan on using the name KING KONG in my book's title, and hope corporate fascism will try to suppress its birth.
STEPHAN PICKERING / Chofetz Chaim ben-Avraham