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RE: Pterosaur Help

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    Now I have 46 species excluding misspellings and including junior and
senior subjective synonyms! But I still have O. wiedenrothi, O. cuvieri, and
O. validus. I still need Nyctosaurus, Rhamphorhynchus, Scaphognathus,
Cycnorhamphus, Dimorphodon, Tupuxuara, and Campylognathoides. I could also
use information on Dorygnathus, Tupuxuara and Domeykodactylus. Could O.
validus be a senior subjective synonym of Doratorhynchus?
No offense, but it sounds like you want all the Pterosaurs. First you just 
started with Ornithochirus, then you keep moving on to all the others. Why not 
just say that in the first place? I'm working on huge taxa list, but I don't 
know when or where it will be published, maybe New Mexico some time next year. 
It's a lot of hard work (and others like George who got me started on the other 
Paleozoic and Mesozoic tetrapods) should freely give out the information 
gathered (which can't really be found anywhere else) or should we get some 
compensation for it.

This actually brings up a dilemma I'm having. I'm thinking the best way to 
distribute my lists (Name, holotype, locality, horizon, material and referred 
material, and hopefully as the years go by fully illustrated) would either be 
on a CD or I'm thinking a pay web site. Would the latter be feasible for 
laypersons and scientists?

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