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Re: Pterosaur Help

> Family: RHAMPHORHYNCHIDAE (nom. emend. ex Rhamphorhynchae) Seeley, 1870
>            Census: 12 genera (2 doubtful),            21 species (5

Terribly paraphyletic according to each of the few cladograms I've seen.

> = Pterodactylus ensirostris Theodori, 1852 [as Pterodactylus
> (Rhamphorhynchus) (ensirostris) banthensis; nomen oblitum]
> = Rhamphorhynchus ensirostris (Theodori, 1852) von Meyer, 1860 [as
> Rhamphorhynchus (ensirostris) macronyx banthensis; nomen oblitum]

Yay!!!!!! _Supraspecies_!!! Not just dull subgenera and subspecies! I've
never seen such a high-level-lumper-low-level-splitter! :-) :-D :-)

> Genus: Rhamphorhynchus von Meyer, 1846

Does this have a type species?

> R. intermedius var. brevialata Koh, 1937

Seems like everything possible under ICZN has been done with
Solnhofen/Eichstätt pterosaurs.
Koh? Not maybe Koch?

> Genus: [To be described from southern Austria; Fraser & Unwin, 1990]

Aha... interesting... the museum here is immensely proud of the scrap of
lower jaw called *Ornithocheirus bunzeli* (3 full-size models with far too
little fur are exhibited, not the fossil), but nobody there has ever
mentioned this one in my presence.

> Genus: [To be described from the Triassic of Kalgary, western Texas;
> 1986]

Calgary? Or am I mixing something up?