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Re: feathered dilemma

Sounds like he wants to be conservative, but not out-of-date (a sound strategy). If I were doing it, I would give Velociraptor a conservative coating of short degenerate feathers (perhaps similar to those of kiwis). The arms would be the most difficult part, but I would also make the arm feathers short (and not much like flight feathers). Head and neck could be very sparsely covered (like an ostrich) to fuzzier or even mildly crested (who knows). Muted colors (earth tones) would also probably be a safe bet.
---- Two cents worth,
Ken (not an artist)
From: "Dave Friend" <paleotracks@prehistoricsillustrated.com>
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Subject: feathered dilemma
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 20:40:44 -0800

I have a friend who is commissioned to paint a Velociraptor and is in a quandary as to whether to illustrate it with feathers or without. What is the latest research on this? Is there any fossil evidence that indicate that Velociraptors had feathers at any stage in their life?

Dave Friend

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