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RE: Rahonavis; sickle claws

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> In a message dated 11/25/01 12:37:42 PM, aspidel@freegates.be writes:
> << BTW: how many times did the sickle claws appear in dinosaur evolution?
> Twice (once in maniraptorans, once in ceratosaurs: _Noasaurus_)?
> May we say
> it's convergent evolution? >>
> No. This is the proof that maniraptors are in fact flightless birds.
Despite Eric's comments: yes, sickle claws evolved more than once in the
history of theropods.  _Noasaurus_ is most definitely not a maniraptoran
(bird or otherwise), and has a sickle claw.<<

* Having just drawn Noaosaurus's remains I must say I don't think you can
really say Noasaurus has a sickle claw. It's much much wider and not thin
like the 'killer' claw of dromaeosaurids (Ah, its nice to use their real
name :) ).

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