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Re: British Museum scale plastic models

Believe it or not, the WA museum bookshop still has considerable stocks of
these guys!

Cetiosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Glyptodon, Scelidosaurus, maybe a couple more
all going for a song!

Ah, the wonders of the pre-Battat world...


>Anyone remember those?
>There was a whole series of these, and you could follow paleontologic
>research from the oldest models (Iguanodon, ?1978) to the latest (baryonyx,
>and muttaburrasaurus).
>on the under side of them, they had a "british museum"-stamp of some kind,
>and a indication of lenght in metres, and name, and they were all in scale
>(except for troodon (in this case stenonychosaurus) and the blue whale(!)).
>And they were in solid plastic and color, and perfect for doing weight
>I got a little over twenty in the series, i just wonder if anyone else
>remember these, or got the collection, and can give me a site on the net
>where these figures may be featured, or listed.
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